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WUNDERJEWEL was created out of the sense of urgency to “Bridge the Gap,” between design, technology and industry. Our main industry focus areas are: fashion, health, automotive and consumer electronics. Wunderjewel is part of BiTHOUSE Groups’ Digital arm (#digdiversity) which provides a suite of services inclusive of design and media networks that enable us to connect global brands to women, multicultural communities, and global markets via our network of thought leaders, publishers, influencers and bloggers worldwide. We build awareness of innovative technology solutions, and brands amongst global influencers by filtering campaigns across various platforms to engage networks throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The practice known as “human-centered design” is one that reshapes an entire enterprise and its capabilities system around the customer or user experience.  The success of wearable devices, and tech solutions that are both digital and innovative is dependent upon design thinking and behavior change. Companies must focus on the customer and integrate disruptive strategies and innovation. Human-centered design will emerge as a key differentiator—and a key driver of wearable success as it pertains to the future of wearable electronics and fashion.

Our professional backgrounds spanning the areas of science, technology, design and business, motivated us to create a network and platform which sparks conversations and collaborations needed to create future products for consumers who have embraced  integrated technologies. We look forward to helping some industries embrace and adopt new technologies, while providing a network for those wanting to create and manufacture tech products that are both fashionable and inclusive as technology continues to revolutionize the world in which we live.