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Join #FASHTECH Munich and #WTCouture during #MakeMunich from January 16 -17. Make Munich has taken place since 2013, and is southern Germany’s biggest Maker and DIY Festival. The two-day event is inclusive of culture, technology, exhibitions, lectures and interactive workshops. Approximately 7,500 -10,000 visitors will be in attendance.

#FashTech Munich will showcase fashion savvy, wearable solutions from Antelope, Luma Active, Teiimo,  Serenity and others. It has been estimated that global spending on wearable devices will grow from from $9 billion in 2014 and reach $218 billion in 2019. Companies such as Google, Apple and Intel are investing heavily in the area of wearables and their presence is seen and felt across the globe. There are key developments in technology taking place such as augmented reality, body area networks and ambient awareness which are driving the evolution in consumers perception of value and willingness to engage in new forms of communications, content and applications.

Wearables, and their potential for all-encompassing connectivity, have become particularly interesting in connection with the Internet of Things (IoT).  “We don’t live in a time anymore of just fashion concepts and drawings. It’s a democratic time and everyone can shape the flows of material production, design and commerce,” states Jewell Sparks and Alexandra Breitenfeldt of #FashTechMunich and WT Couture. “The future involves projects leapfrogging out of the the gallery system, and into the world of disruptive change. #FASHTECH Munich is striving to impact change in the world of fashion.”

“Bridging the gap” between fashion and technology is becoming a necessity as more wearables hit the shelves and consumers start to embrace various degrees of connectivity. Wearables must become more fashionable and in Germany, organizations and startups are exploring new collaborations and innovative projects, exciting trends and new ways of working. Berlin and Munich, much like San Francisco is becoming a creative/technical/venture hub.

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