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Design Intelligence

Are you a designer of amazing things? Do you want to incorporate technology components into your products? Become part of our exclusive network. Apply for membership.

Technological Know-how

Have you developed a technology solution that can be aligned with clothing, devices and/or wearables? Build awareness of your solution by joining our exclusive network. Apply for membership.


Are you a manufacturer, manufacturing products for the future?  Tell us about your services by joining our exclusive network.

WUNDERJEWEL is a boutique strategic alliance, information and product platform bridging the gap between designers, technologists, and manufacturers.

We Connect the Dots

IoT-capable devices, wearable devices and beacons, present a huge opportunity for developers and organizations.

These devices enable others the opportunity to develop prototypes and blueprints that enable location-based services infrastructure requirements and data security associated with consumer-owned devices. As more and more devices are prototypes are created, both hardware and software solutions play a key role in a project’s success. Gartner estimates the there will be 30 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020.

Everywhere we look, individualization of products is playing an increasingly more important role in manufacturing. Manufacturers want to offer more variety and flexibly than before, and consumers prefer to have their own specialized products with optional add-ons By building a community of designers, technologists and manufacturers, we are enabling ideas and the creation of innovative products for the future.

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WUNDERJEWEL aligns ideas with people and people with ideas. WUNDERJEWEL helps you bring your ideas and products to life. Join the WUNDERJEWEL network and apply for membership. Tell us your story, share your ideas and showcase your products and services.  WUNDERJEWEL provides a platform for ideas to become a reality and a community for you to share your products..  By bringing together designers, technologists and manufacturers, WUNDERJEWEL supports the development of innovative products that make people’s lives easier.